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Quad Games are addictive stunt and quad bike racing games for fans of the four wheeler. You know what's better than riding a bike through all kinds of terrain? That's right, riding a four-wheeler through all kinds of terrain! That's why we collected the best quad games here at Silvergames.com for you to enjoy. Speed across the desert, over mountains and through all kinds of weather for fun and a high score.

A quad bike is a type of all-terrain vehicle primarily used for offroad races. It comes with a four large wheels to allow the rider a lot of control over his vehicle despite uneven ground. The first quad bikes were produced by Suzuki and aimed at recreational users as well as high-skilled riders. Quad bikes are not the most environmentally friendly bikes, with the heavy-set tires often causing damage to the offroad terrain they're used in. That is one of the many reasons why playing quad games is not only a cheaper alternative, but also a much more responsible way of indulging these fascinating feats of engineering.

If you enjoy crazy stunt drives, high speed races and the challenges of the offroad, you should definitely give our free quad games a try. They are free and you can play them online right away, without any downloads or registration. Simply take a seat in these big, chunky machines and have fun! Enjoy playing the best free quad games online on Silvergames.com!

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