Airport Madness

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Airport Madness

Airport Madness is a fun-addicting air traffic control game. You are in charge of the airport management and so you have to control all takeoffs and landings. Beware of any frenzy actions around the airport and avoid crashes. Once an aircraft approaches the airport you can either clear it for landing or tell it to fly another round around the airport so you have time to clear the landing strip for it's landing. Click on each aircraft to bring up its control panel. Arrivals land themselves without any input from you.

The only require a landing clearance. They occasionally need to be pulled up when a collision is imminent. Departures will wait patiently at the gate for you to give them a taxi clearance. Your starting salary is 30.000 Dollar and your wage increases based on efficiency. Don't let the aircraft wait. Crashes will cost you. Have three crashed and your game is over. Have fun with Airport Madness, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse

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