BMX Backflips

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BMX Backflips

They say that riding a bike is a good way to stay in shape. Unless you're dead set on pulling of insane backflips as you're really giving those pedals a go. With BMX Backflips you get to avoid the potential broken bones and concussions by staying safe despite pulling off crazy, whacky stunts again and again. Race your cyclcist down the slopes of the track, keep your balance and once you're airborne try to pull off as many backflips as you can without crashing face-first into the ground.

It's easier than it sounds. Not only that, you also have to do that while racing the clock on every track. Will you reach the finish line in time, while still doing the backflips and frontflips you're required to do? All that without crashing? Think you can handle it? Try it out now with BMX Backflips, online and for free on!

Controls: Left & Right = Lean back & forward, Up = Move, Down = Brake

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