Juego de Bicicleta de montaña

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Juego de Bicicleta de montaña

Mountain Bike is an addicting bike racing game, where you have to ride a cool bicycle down the mountain. Try to complete every stage as fast as possible without crashing your vehicle. Perform awesome tricks like front flip, wheelie or wall ride. The more stunts you make the more time you will have to reach the finish line. In the Mountain Bike Game, you should also watch out for bumps and wholes in the road, which can kill your character.

Complete a training mode before starting a ride and feel safe on an uneven terrain. Collect the pills on the road to get your energy level back up and be able to race even faster and longer. Are you ready for this speedy adventure? Find out and enjoy Mountain Bike, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows = Ride, Leertaste = Turn

Como se Juega

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