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Hanger is an online rope swinging game where players have to swing on the rope like a Spiderman through each level. Control a sporty stickman ragdoll and guide him to the exit. Advance at each level by keeping your guy from crashing into the ground, the ceiling or any objects you may find along the way. Swing and fly your way through the endless world of Hanger online. Enjoy playing Hanger, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

In the fun survival game Hanger, you get to swing on long ropes. But don't touch walls or your stickman might lose some body parts or even die. Try to collect as many coins as you can to purchase upgrades. You can create ropes attached to the ceiling with just one mouse click. Click at the right moment if you don't want your rope to be too long or too short.

Controls: Arrows = Swing, Space = Hang or release rope

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