World Wars 2

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World Wars 2

World Wars 2 is a fun strategy war game where you lead your own troop to conquer as much land as possible. The addictive Dice Wars has found an atmospheric and historic-looking follow-up. World Wars 2 let's you enjoy the tactical and strategic depth of the original in a brand new look with some exciting additional options. Guide your army through landscapes of World War II and conquer as much territory as you can. With the right strategy, smart tactical decisions and some luck of the dice, you too will soon have freed the continent!

Before you start you get to choose an army and a land. In the course of the game you want to expand your territory and increase your army in order to win the war. You need a strategic approach and some luck with dices. Are you ready to face the challenges of a merciless war? Find out and have fun with World Wars 2 on!

Controls: Mouse

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