Adventure Time Saw Game

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Adventure Time Saw Game

Ooh no! Finn and his dog Jake from the cool American animated television series Adventure Time are in big, big, big trouble, 'cause the popular killer Pigsaw is playing his evil games on them. Play as Finn and try to solve all riddles of the Adventure Time Saw Game to free your buddy from the badass. Look on the map and switch between the different places with just a click. Interact with the people around you and collect all the items to add to your inventory.

Whenever you meet a person there are three possibilities to interact with them. Click on the mouth to talk to them, use the fist to hit them or decide to push the eye to take a closer look. This adventure game is tricky but fun and soon you will find yourself in a world of puzzles and riddles. Much fun with Adventure Time Saw Game online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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