Angry Boss

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Angry Boss

Angry Boss is a fun addicting clicker game about one of humanity’s most hated creatures ever and how to get rid of them. You can play this game online and for free on Is your boss being a prick? Are you working unpaid extra hours like a fool to make him rich? This idle game is perfectly suited for you.

Start stabbing your boss with pencils, needles, maybe some shurikens, spears, shoot him with a handgun or, screw it, TNT that old bastard! Just start hurting him to earn money and don’t stop until you have purchased each and every single object to torture him and his stupid looking little moustach. Have fun playing Angry Boss!

Controls: Mouse


Angry Boss: MenuAngry Boss: Weapons TortureAngry Boss: Boss Pencils StabbedAngry Boss: Rockets Ragdoll

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