Bombardier à la guerre 2

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Bombardier à la guerre 2

Bomber at War 2 is another action-packed jet fighting game. As a pilot of the WW2 you have to navigate your nuclear-powered and weaponed aircraft to fulfil various missions. Use your bombs to destroy requested targets as you run upgrades between your jobs to make your bomber invincible. Fly over or around your target and try to shoot it or drop a bomb to make it explode. An easy gameplay and straight forward missions make this game fun and challening at the same time.

Try to fulfill all missions, earn money and equip your jet better. Always keep an eye on the amount of armor, weight and speed, so your aircraft is alwayys prepared for the next task. Can you eliminate all enemies and survive every attack? Find out and have fun playing this challenging game Bomber at War 2 online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space / X = Shoot, Ctrl / C = Drop Bomb


Bombardier à La Guerre 2: GameplayBombardier à La Guerre 2: ScreenshotBombardier à La Guerre 2: Shooting GameBombardier à La Guerre 2: Strategy Game

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