Rating: 4.1
Evaluation: 4.1 (200 Voter)
  Evaluation: 4.1 (200 Voter)
[] is a fun-addicting multiplayer IO fighting game to enjoy online and for free on Are you a fan of geese? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be? Play this funny upgrade role game and become the biggest, fattest goose on the field. Use your strong wings to hit other players who will try to hurt you first and eat all kinds of food to level up.

Did you know geese eat donuts, bananas and candy? Well, now you know, so keep moving and eating to grow as much as possible. Try to catch your fellow geese on your food search to make them leave the game. Are you ready? Find out and have fun with GooseGame.IO!

Controls: Mouse = move / attack

Gameplay Ducks Gameplay Io Gooze Royale Battle

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