How To Boil Eggs

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How To Boil Eggs

How To Boil Eggs is a game about... well it is about exactly what it says so it's not misleading at all. How To Boil Eggs… Well, how hard can it be, right? Try boiling 12 half boiled eggs on the perfect cooking point on 6 different pots. This fun, nerve-wrecking online eggs boiling simulator game will make you feel the pressure that a real breakfast restaurant chef has to deal with. You can play this amazing game online and for free on

Don’t let the eggs overcook, try to keep the lines always in the middle green part of the bars. So press the button when it is about to go under the green part. Dosn't sound so hard? The real challenge in this game is that you have to cook A LOT of eggs all at the same time, which can result in some extreme stress. Overcook the eggs 3 times and your career as a cook is over. Enjoy How To Boil Eggs!

Controls: Mouse


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