Papa's Freezeria

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Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is an ice cream themed, free time management game by Flipline Studios. If you are familiar with the Papa Louie franchise, you will feel right at home. Just like in its predecessors like Papa Louie 2 and Papa Louie 3, you have to take orders from customers and prepare food for them. All while keeping an eye on the timer. But this time your are not making pizzas but ice cream sundaes.

Begin your day at the ocean front ice cream shop by manning your build station and later your mix station. Wait for the first customers to come in and order a cup of tasty ice cream. Click on the order to get started and work your way through each step of the process. Like similar games of the franchise like Papa's Donuteria, Hot Doggeria or Bakeria, you need to practice a lot to get better. At first making ice cream is a relaxing way to spend on Calypso Island. But as you play this restaurant game, the challenges will pile up. Much like the orders of your customers.

Keep the freezeria busy and open, so Papa Louie won't fire you for running Papas Freezeria into the ground. As you earn money, you get to buy new ingredients for your freezeria. There are also custom items to invest in, that will make your shop more appealing. This will help entertain the customers while you are busy putting their order together. Working in a freezeria sounds like an amazing summer job, but it can be very stressful, too. You have to find the right topping for each sundae ordered, while handling the gameplay's time-management demands. Can you juggle all those priorities and not make a mess of it?

If you've played the Papa games before, you know that they all begin with a mandatory cooking class. Here you will learn how to operate all the machines in each step of finishing an order. Like most free cooking games, it starts off easy before you have to play with dozens of options at once. Everyone knows that Papa games are not for the easily overwhelmed. Stick with running the freezeria for long enough, and you will get the hang of it. That's how Papa spent his early days as well. Play games but keep your customers happy.

During play you will handle different ingredients like whipped cream, fresh strawberries, chocolate toppings and coloured sprinkles. Put them together in the right order, use the blender just long enough to get the sundae as smooth as it's supposed to be and top it all off with some juicy cherries. Summer is almost here. Why not spend it playing a Papa game?

Controls: Mouse


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