Miami Shark

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Miami Shark

Miami Shark is a funny action game by Mausland. Mission of the game is to eat everything that moves. Use the shark to eat boats, helicopters and planes. Control the shark with the arrow keys and byte with C. Perform a jump by diving to the very bottom of the sea and jumping right up again. How about eating the helicopter flying in the sky?

Once you jumped with full force you can destroy ships and swimmers with a huge fire attack. There are divers in the water as well, waiting for you to grab them with your big mouth. How many people and objects can you kill? Have no mercy and have fun with Miami Shark, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrow Keys = move, C = bite


Miami Shark: MenuMiami Shark: Gameplay Shark AttackMiami Shark: Shark Burning Down CityMiami Shark: Shark Eating Swimmers

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