Microsoft Minesweeper

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Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper is a cool free online version of one of the most popular computer games ever, that challenges you to find all the mines on a grid. In this game on you win if you discover all the safe squares and you lose if you activate a mine.

Your goal in this free game is not only to find the empty squares while avoiding the mines but to do it in the shortest time possible. Do you think you can do it? A little help: the numbers indicate the amount of mines that are in contact with each square. This number allows you to deduct the safe adjacent squares. Try Microsoft Minesweeper and be careful not to explode! Have fun!

Controls: Mouse


Microsoft Minesweeper: MenuMicrosoft Minesweeper: Strategy Game FunMicrosoft Minesweeper: Strategy Mine FieldMicrosoft Minesweeper: Expert Mine Field

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