Potty Racers 3

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Potty Racers 3

Man has always dreamed of flight. With Potty Racers 3 you may now return to that dream in the most puerile and juvenile way imaginable. That's right, you will be pushing down a porta potty down a long slope and send it flying through the air. Keep flying and reaching for the stars over and over again. As you leave behind a long trail of poop. With each flight you earn money and points to upgrade your porta potty and turn it into a poop-driven flying machine. Every level has a number of requirements you have to fulfill before you can move on. Reach a certain height, fly a certain distance, land safely or pull off tricks. Spend your earnings wisely to make it through in time. Enjoy Potty Racers 3!

Controls: Arrows = Balance, Space = Engine, 1-6 = Flying Tricks

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