Resort Empire

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Resort Empire

Resort Empire is a fun and addictive hotel management game. Create and run your own hotel in this time management game. The better you satisfy the needs of your customers, the more you will have in return to become the biggest resort owner the world. Start by building some hotel rooms and make the resort look nice by planting pretty plants and flowers. Build a room for the janitor and try to make your hotel even fancier by putting an ice cream store or a sauna on your land. Who wouldn't like to have a delicious ice cream while being on holiday?

You will earn money by hosting your guests and new features like better facilities, plants, tiles and much more will be available to you. Watch your money closely or possibly after one day you will be left with red numbers. Expand your resort or upgrade it and soon you will be the first address people go to when they need some time off. You can play this game for hours and will definitely not get bored. Are you ready for this fun but responsible task? Find out and have fun with Resort Empire, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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