Rocket Punch 2 Online

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Rocket Punch 2 Online

Rocket Punch 2 Online is a fascinating skill game in which you get to control a great superhero that throws powerful punches from extremely large distances. This free online game puts you in the shoes of a character with an elastic arm, who can reach all the enemies scattered across the stage.

Who ever told you you have to fly to be a true superhero got it all wrong. This unbeatable guy is able to get rid of all his enemies with one single punch. However, you have three punches to clear every level. If you still doubt the powers of this character, you can earn coins to unlock new looks, like a kickboxer, a vampire or even Superman, as well as new gloves. Have fun playing this free online game Rocket Punch 2 Online on!

Controls: Mouse


Rocket Punch 2 Online: MenuRocket Punch 2 Online: Gameplay PunchingRocket Punch 2 Online: Gameplay Punching HandRocket Punch 2 Online: Upgrade Fist

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