Sid Meier’s Civilization I

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Sid Meier’s Civilization I

Sid Meier’s Civilization I is a fascinating turn based strategy game in which you have to create and evolve a whole civilization. This free online version of the classic and popular 1991 release will make you feel just like back in the days, with all the retro pixel graphics and sounds.

Your object in this game is to select your favorite civilization from human history and make it evolve to become the largest one on the field. Play as the egyptians or the romans and start exploring the map searching for resources or ancient knowledge in order to create new tools and units, and make revolutionizing discoveries. Interact with other civilizations to trade knowledge or fight against them. Have fun playing this free online game Sid Meier’s Civilization I on!

Controls: Mouse


Sid Meier’s Civilization I: MenuSid Meier’s Civilization I: Create CivilisationSid Meier’s Civilization I: Founding CitySid Meier’s Civilization I: Civilisation Gameplay

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