Sidewalk Sidestep

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Sidewalk Sidestep

Sidewalk Sidestep is a funny reaction game with the unique challenge of walking across the sidewalk without walking into other people. Isn’t it awkward when you are peacefully walking down the street and some guy, coming right towards you, tries to sidestep you in the same direction as you? Oh yes, it is.

In this free online game you will have to sidewalk people walking, jogging or riding on hoverboards. The challenge is to press the right direction at the exact right moment in order to avoid moving to the same direction as the other person. Can you do that? Try to reach as far as possible and use the powerwalk bonus to just hit everyone out of your way. Have fun playing this free online game Sidewalk Sidestep at!

Controls: Arrows / AD = move, Space = powerwalk bonus


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