Treasure Of Cutlass Reef

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Treasure Of Cutlass Reef

You are the commander of a pirate ship and your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure. You can see the carried gold, ship integrity, number on canons and crew of the enemy ships in an info panel next to them. You can plunder and then sink a ship by going close to it. You can also engage enemy ships in close combat. If all the enemy crew is taken out, you can plunder the ship. Move and rotate your ship with the arrow keys and fire the cannons with spacebar.

Fire at the enemy ships to take them out and float on the sea to put yourself into a safe position. Win battles to earn money and buy upgrades for your ship to have more canons, move faster, have more crew on board, upgrade your armor or turn faster. Are you ready for this merciless battle on the wild ocean? Find out and have fun with Treasure Of Cutlass Reef, an addictive pirate game online and for free on!

Controls: Arrow keys = move, Spacebar = fire


Treasure Of Cutlass Reef: Canon BallTreasure Of Cutlass Reef: GameplayTreasure Of Cutlass Reef: ScreenshotTreasure Of Cutlass Reef: Ship Battle

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