Douchebag Workout

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Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout is a free fun workout simulator game about a guy who wants to get muscles to become popular with women. It's time to show those girls what they've been missing out on! In this online douchebag game you will finally work to become a muscular man that gets all the crazy ladies. No, you won't work on your personality, your empathy or becoming a better person.

You'll just add muscles and all your problems will magically disappear once your biceps appears. Go to the gym, lift weights and give that lanky body of yours the ultimate workout until you can see the results. You will need some serious willpower, drive and commitment to pump up your muscles. And maybe a little 'roidy help. But hush, everybody does it. It's not big deal. Don't be such a pussy! Take the road from dweeb to douchbag in Ultimate Douchebag Workout. Because nothing says you're a real man like looking a real tool!

Controls: Mouse

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