2 Player City Racing

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2 Player City Racing

2 Player City Racing is an exciting free online racing game for two players to compete against other racers on a large, deserted city. Collect coins on your way to buy new cooler vehicles, like a fascinating sports car or a huge garbage truck and try to win race after race. You can also play by yourself and race against two other players. The aim stays always the same though: get to the finish line first!

This game offers you nice, sort of modern cartoonish 3D graphics for a more enjoyable experience. You can play with one of your friends on the same computer using the split screen mode. You have to drive three laps and try to arrive at the goal line first, so you get more money to buy fancy cars. Have fun playing this free online 2 Player City Racing game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive


2 Player City Racing: Gameplay2 Player City Racing: Multiplayer2 Player City Racing: Race2 Player City Racing: Screenshot

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