Cashier 3D

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Cashier 3D

Cashier 3D is a cool job simulator in which you can live a day in the life of one of a real cashier working at a supermarket. will make your dream of becoming a cashier true with this free online game that offers you a job in a virtual supermarket full of customers.

If some random dude wants to buy a book that’s $9.99 with a $10 bill, how much would you have to pay him back? That one’s way too easy, but what’s the change to a $100 bill for something that costs $21.78? Don’t panic, read the change on the cash register and take your time to avoid messing it up. Have fun playing this free online game Cashier 3D!

Controls: Mouse


Cashier 3D: MenuCashier 3D: Cashier MoneyCashier 3D: Buying SellingCashier 3D: Selling Buying Cashier

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