Supermarket Simulator

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Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator is a cool job simulator in which you get to work a day inside of a virtual supermarket. Have you ever stared at the conveyor belt, wondering how it even works? Ever felt amazed by the cashier’s math skills? Today you will find out how it all flows perfectly to satisfy all the customers inside of a huge grocery store.

Start with an easy, yet very important part: controlling the conveyor belt in order to drop all items inside of the cart. Once you have mastered the first task, proceed to check out and charge people for their stuff. Lots of tasks are waiting for you in this free online Supermarket Simulator on! Have fun!

Controls: Mouse


Supermarket Simulator: MenuSupermarket Simulator: Gameplay Shopping BasketSupermarket Simulator: Shopping Super MarketSupermarket Simulator: Playing Cashier

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