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Commando is a cool first-person shooter that you can enjoy online and for free on Play as a soldier sent to enemy territory. Your mission is to eliminate each and every target before they get to shoot you down first. Use different kinds of weapons to kill all of your opponents. Escape from sticky situations and do other sorts of tasks to earn money for every mission you pass. Each mission has it's objective, read it before entering a battle. The amount of money you can earn also varies from task to task.

Play Commando and protect your team from foreign invaders. To win the war, you have to aim precisely and shoot without a miss. Explore the surroundings and look for some places to hide. Collect ammo and weapons from the killed soldiers. You can also purchase new guns and rifles in the store, spending the money you will earn for every accomplished mission. Do you think you are skilled enough to take them all out by yourself? Find out now and have fun playing Commando!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Shift = run, Space = jump


Commando: MenuCommando: Gameplay Shooting TerroristsCommando: Gameplay Aiming ShootingCommando: Gameplay First Person Shooter

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