Dead Zed 2

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Dead Zed 2

Survival is not a sprint, but a marathon! Dead Zed 2 is not just about killing every single undead... dead. It's about surviving 40 days and 40 nights in the zombie apocalypse. Explore your environment and defend your position against the next wave of the living dead eager to take a bite out of you! Gather survivors, equip them and then barricade yourself well. Because zombies are getting tougher and more dangerous with each passing night.

Do you have what it takes to see another sunrise? Or will you end up as the bits between the teeth of some rotten undead freak? Use the different weapons to defend yourself as good as possible. Try to hit the zombies with a head shot to knock them out immediately and earn points to equip yourself with better arms. Be careful, some undead run towards you, so you better aim for them first. Can you kill them all before they invade your territory? Find out in Dead Zed 2, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot / Reload, Q = Switch Weapons, Space = Rage Mode, 1-3 = Detonate Bombs


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