Drunken Tug War

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Drunken Tug War

Drunken Tug War is a fun one button stickman game for 2 players in which you have to pull your opponent to your side of the field. This free online game offers you hours of fun to you and your best friend. Find out who is the strongest player among you, by pushing the button to pull the rope.

What could be more fun than watching 2 people pull a rope in opposite directions? Of course, 2 drunk people pulling a rope in opposite directions. Luckily, the world of free online games makes this hilarious discipline much safer and healthier than in real life, but don’t try this at home. Have fun playing Drunken Tug War!

Controls: Arrow up / W


Drunken Tug War: MenuDrunken Tug War: Gameplay DuellDrunken Tug War: 2 Player Duell

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