The REAL Revenge

Rating: 3.1

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The REAL Revenge

After the funny Doodieman Voodoo poo adventure comes The REAL Revenge! Assist the devilish Sith Lord to take vengeance on the Grim Reaper. Choose on one of the four options and watch how the evil soul poos out an awful stinky weapon. Sweet revenge at its finest, or not?

This game is as easy as it gets so start right away and press one of this juicy buttons in order to make that revenge idea become reality. Are you evil enough to take revenge over and over again? Find out and have fun with Doodieman Voodoo online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


The REAL Revenge: GameplayThe REAL Revenge: Laser KillingThe REAL Revenge: MenuThe REAL Revenge: Revenge Taking

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