Doodieman Voodoo 2

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Doodieman Voodoo 2

Doodieman Voodoo 2 is a hilarious revenge game perfect to release some anger, in which you can perform different types of poop attacks to your worst enemy. After the huge success of Doodieman Voodoo and Doodieman Bazooka, a new version is finally available to enjoy online and for free, as always in

Holly poop! Take on the role of this parodic superhero with the unique power of controlling his bowel movement to destroy his enemies and choose different attacks. Whether the poop trampoline, the poop bazooka or the more classic mega turds and the fart punch, each one of these moves will leave your enemy’s voodoo doll full of poop. Have fun playing this free online game Doodieman Voodoo 2!

Controls: Mouse


Doodieman Voodoo 2: MenuDoodieman Voodoo 2: Gameplay Poop AttackDoodieman Voodoo 2: Gameplay PoopingDoodieman Voodoo 2: Pooping Gameplay Attack

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