The Sniper Code

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The Sniper Code

The Sniper Code is a thrilling first person sniper shooter in which you play as a cold blooded assassin who has to eliminate certain targets with a limited amount of bullets. In every level of this free online stickman shooting game on you will have to read carefully your mission to find out who or what to shoot.

You may have to find enemies in the dark, or just shoot at lamps to leave them out of light. Maybe even look for specific features, like height or clothes. Whatever you do, try to shoot at the right targets before you run out of bullets and don’t kill the wrong people. Have fun playing this free online game The Sniper Code!

Controls: Mouse


The Sniper Code: MenuThe Sniper Code: Sniper MissionThe Sniper Code: Running Sniper GameplayThe Sniper Code: Sniper Aiming Gameplay

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