Walk Master

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Walk Master

Walk Master is a fun skill game that challenges you to one of the simplest things in human history, maybe that one thing that makes us so special: walk. Do you know how to walk? One step at a time, that’s right. Sometimes you can even jump with both feet, but normally, you would move one foot forward, then the next one.

What’s the worst enemy of your shoes when you are walking? Of course, poop. Do your best to keep walking, stepping on all sorts of nice smelling, clean stuff, but avoid stepping into poop. Unless you are using the jumping mode, then you can jump on the poop all you want. Have fun playing this free online game Walk Master on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


Walk Master: MenuWalk Master: Walking GameplayWalk Master: Walk Over PoopWalk Master: Gameplay Jumping Melons

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