Rating: 4.3
Оценка: 4.3 (479 Голоса)
  Оценка: 4.3 (479 Голоса)
Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a great pirates IO game to enjoy online and for free on of course. Control your crazy little pirate on an island full of enemies willing to be the last man standing, and collect as many coins as you can to increase your size and, most important, your weapon’s size.

Beat, stab or swing the crap out of your opponents and earn coins to unlock new, stronger characters. Once in a while, a deadly gas will start moving closer to the center of the field, leaving you no option but to confront your enemies, so hiding and running won’t do match. Kill them all and enjoy YoHoHo IO!

Controls: Mouse

Геймплей Gameplay Fighting Opponents Battle Royale Gameplay

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