8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool

Grab a cue and rush over to the lush green table covered in felt. It's time to play some free pool. 8 Ball Pool to be exact. Can you handle a game based on the coolest sport of them all? Show off your billard skills by shooting balls into one of the six pockets of the pool table. Like most pool games, the challenge lies in beating your opponent to the punch. Be the first to sink your set of billiard balls into the table's pockets.

You can freely choose the angle and the force with which you hit the white cue ball. Make sure your shot is not too forceful as that will mean you lose control over the arrangement. But don't give your cue too little power, as you may not be able to score points that way. You are going to need a steady hand and a cool head if you want to make it in 8 Ball Pool!

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