Physics Games

What are Physics Games?

Physics Games simulate physical properties of objects like weight and mass in a playable environment. Some sandbox and physics puzzle games here at introduce gravity to the challenge, allowing you to throw characters around like ragdolls. You can even use our free physics games as part of your education. Learn about inertia and accelaration as boulders roll down a hill until they crash into something and score big points. Naturally, all our physics games are suitable for kids!

Online physics based games come in different shapes. Some ask you to rearrange objects so that when your ragdoll is dropped from above, it end up at the level's exit. The best games are educational puzzles that incorporate elements of physics. In each sandbox-style level you have to arrange ramps and objects so that they gather enough momentum to destroy anything that's in their way. If balls rolling downs slopes, trinkets swinging on a rope and objects catching fire sounds like fun to you, then our top free physics games have everything you need to experiment and try out your wild ideas.

The Most Played Physics Games