Fun Bump 3D

Rating: 4.0

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Fun Bump 3D

Fun Bump 3D is an exciting obstacle dodging game that challenges you to push blocks forward in order to clear your way. In this free online game you will have to bump as many white or colored blocks as you can to hit the black ones, which will make you lose the race if you touch them.

Use large blocks as your shield to bump all deadly obstacles on your way. Be careful, sometimes other colored moving blocks will also make you lose, so avoid everything that moves as well. Move fast and think smart to find the safest way to reach the finish line. Have fun playing Fun Bump 3D, another fun free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


Fun Bump 3D: MenuFun Bump 3D: Obstacles GameplayFun Bump 3D: Gameplay ObstaclesFun Bump 3D: Gameplay Distance Obstacles

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