Heart Star

Rating: 4.2

(47 votes)

Heart Star

Heart Star is a fun and challenging platform puzzle game in which you will have to control two different characters to clear stage after stage. Your goal in this free online game is to take both characters to the exit platform of every level. To complete your task, you may have to make them interact with each other.

The twist of this game is that the star boy can’t step on red heart platforms and the heart girl can’t step on the blue star ones. Some hints will be shown on the screen to help you overpass some sticky situations, so pay attention and remember there is always a way out. Have fun playing this free online game Heart Star on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows / WAD = move / jump, G = change character


Heart Star: Menu LevelsHeart Star: Gameplay PlatformHeart Star: Gameplay Love PlatformHeart Star: Gameplay Platform Fun

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