Fancy Pants 3

Rating: 4.1

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Fancy Pants 3

Rise and shine, because Fancy Pants 3 is here! It's once again time to run around, jump onto platforms and off of walls to collect as many squiggles as you can find. Part three of Brad Borne's platform action series sees you guide your stickfigure through cleverly designed levels once more. Hurry up and run, leap and slide all over. Fighting back enemy spiders and explore every last corner of each stage.

Get your missions at the beginning of each level and jump your funny character from stage to stage. Use the S key to jump from the floor or perform fancy wall jumps to get even higher and further. Are you ready to put on your fancy pants and make it to the end of this fun game? This might actually be the most fun you can have wearing Fancy Pants online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Run/Duck/Enter door, S = Jump


Fancy Pants 3: Adventure GameFancy Pants 3: GameplayFancy Pants 3: Platform GameFancy Pants 3: Screenshot

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