Juicy Run

Rating: 4.5

(27 votes)

Juicy Run

Juicy Run is a fun addicting obstacle reaction game in which you control nothing but a spinning saw in order to slice fruits and destroy objects on your way. Spinning saws don’t have a nice reputation in the world of free online games, but they aren’t always the bad guys.

Your goal in Juicy Run is to slice fruit, avoid cutting through harder objects and destroy your enemies. You can charge the saw in to release up to three shots that will clear your way faster. Earn lots of coins to upgrade your saw until you become unstoppable. Have fun playing Juicy Run, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


Juicy Run: MenuJuicy Run: Chain Saw GameplayJuicy Run: Gameplay Saw DistanceJuicy Run: Gameplay Chain Saw

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