Cut The Rope

Rating: 3.4

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Cut The Rope

It's always fun to feed cute pets with something they love to eat. In the cute puzzle game Cut the Rope your goal is to make sure that the friendly green guy gets the candy in each level. Simply use your cursor to cut ropes and let gravity handle the rest. If you really want to challenge yourself, try to collect the three stars spread out in the level.

To do that you will need to time the cuts just right. Sometimes there will be bubbles involved, that can lift up the candy and collect even more stars. Are you ready for this sweet adventure? Enjoy this simple little brainteaser and feed the green guy some tasty looking candy in Cut the Rope!

Controls: Mouse


Cut The Rope: MenuCut The Rope: Fabric Box CuttingCut The Rope: Gameplay Cutting RopeCut The Rope: Gameplay Happy Frog

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