Pandemic Simulator

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Pandemic Simulator

Pandemic Simulator is a cool and may a bit sadic strategy game to play online and for free on In this game, your goal is to wipe out humanity with the perfect pandemic. You can choose between virus, bacteria or parasite, and each of them has different properties you should keep in mind. Once you have earned enough DNA points, you can upgrade it in symptoms, transmission and resistance.

Nowadays, Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 is spreading all over the world infecting thousands of people. Can you make a more deadly virus than Corona? Learn how these pandemics work and how human can fight against all kind of threats. Have fun with this free online game Pandemic Simulator!

Controls: Mouse


Pandemic Simulator: MenuPandemic Simulator: Disease SpreadPandemic Simulator: Disease SymptomsPandemic Simulator: Virus Bacteria Parasite

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