Dystopian Games

What are Dystopian Games?

Dystopian Games are cool online apocalypse and survival games where you have to adapt to the new devastating reality and try to save what's left from the Earth we once knew. Just like in hunger games, you will have to accomplish different missions in order to survive in a dystopian future or in the city, conquered by bloodthirsty zombies. Remaining alive after the armageddon doesn't mean you are safe now, the real terror begins now!

Bloody tyrants, natural disasters, zombie apocalypse and a society consisting of men killing robots - this is what we think about when talking about a dystopia. In this game category, you get the chance to live through each one of these and many more frightening scenarios. Suffering and injustice reign on our planet and as the last standing hero, it is your task to save humanity. Escape a horrible apocalyptic city alive defeating aliens and other scary monsters.

Pick one of the shooting games and strike down the aliens who are trying to eliminate the entire human race. Manage the outbreak of a deadly disease, which is capable to kill the whole population of the Earth. Explore the apocalyptic surroundings and find upgrades for your weapons and your mech to make your character invincible. Walk through the landscape, find your enemies and eliminate them instantly. Have fun playing our online collection of free dystopian games on Silvergams.com!

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