Rating: 4.2

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Pinatamasters is a fun-addicting reflex clicking game that you can play online and for free on Your goal is to destroy the big, colorful pinata hanging right above you. Just throw swords at it until it explodes and collect all the coins falling down. Your character will move and aim automatically, so your task is to shoot at the right moment and unlock new weapons and upgrades to move faster, perform more damage and have more ammo.

Every weapon has its own benefit, so you may have to choose which one would work better for each occasion. Fire, chain saw or knifes? There are so many possibilities once you have earned some money. Act cleverly but most importantly have fun with Pinatamasters!

Controls: Mouse


Pinatamasters: MenuPinatamasters: Weapon SelectionPinatamasters: Childrens GamePinatamasters: Killing Little Paper AnimalsPinatamasters: Successful Pinata

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