Archery World Cup

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Archery World Cup

Archery World Cup is a fun-addicting and realistic first-person archery game, that you can play online and for free on Enter a challenging competition and set the highest score possible level after level. Take the time you need to aim at your target. The closer you get to the center, the more points you will earn. Hit the bullseye for the highest score, which is 10 points. Keep in mind the wind will sabotage your shots. Depending on the distance of the target and the amount and direction of the wind, you will have to aim a little more or less to the side of your objective. Travel through the world and become a master of archery.

Choose whether you want to just practice or complete different missions. In the free mode, you have to pop an air balloon attached to the target board. In the missions mode, try to hit the center of the target. The closer to the center the more points you will get. Pay attention to wind speed and have a steady hand. Aim precisely with your bow because the number of arrows is limited. Enjoy Archery World Cup on our website!

Controls: Mouse


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