Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype

Rating: 3.8

(21 votes)

Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype

Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype is a cool first person maze solving game that takes you to a mind twisting riddle. This free online game on transports you to a challenging labyrinth in which you have to interact with objects to find four different keys to be able to escape it.

There are four different labyrinths which you have to solve to find each key. You will start on the center field, from there on you have to decide which labyrinths to walk first. When the times runs out, you will be teleported to the center having to start over again. Have fun and good luck playing this free online game Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = view, Shift = run, Space = jump, F = interact, C = teleport to the center field


Shy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype: MenuShy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype: Maze GameplayShy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype: Gameplay Keys MazeShy Eye Labyrinth: Prototype: Gameplay Maze

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