Finding Games

Finding Games are a special variety of puzzle games. As you might have already figured out, these games are all about searching and exploring. Every scenario is different. You might be looking for some useful objects to whack your boss, escape a prison or the evil saw man. Maybe you're tasked with finding suitable words or phrases or a pair of the same looking mahjong bricks. You might even be looking for evidence to reveal a character's destiny and much more. You will never get bored playing finding games. To succeed in our searching games, you will have notice every little detail.

In finding the hidden objects games players have to click on different parts on the screen to see what is hidden underneath. They may have to move them to find an exit or a clue. It's not easy to go through a level of our finding games and pick up every clue. The most important objects are usually buried under a lot of distracting stuff, so watch out! Other detecting games like mahjong, seem really easy at first sight. But try finding two identical bricks among the dozen similar tiles. You will find that to be quite tricky, indeed.

The Most Played Finding Games