Super Racing Go Go

Rating: 4.1

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Super Racing Go Go

Super Racing Go Go is a cool downhill racing game with fascinating sports cars and lots of action. This free online game on challenges you to hop inside fancy cars and maneuver them as well as possible to reach the finish line first, on tracks set on the hills. Your car will accelerate automatically, but your task will be to turn and brake at the right moments.

Compete against CPU racers and try to leave them all behind collecting nitro scattered all over the tracks. Earn money for every victory and spend it to upgrade your car or just buy a whole new one. Enter your name and your plate number and just start competing like a pro. Have fun playing Super Racing Go Go online and for free!

Controls: Arrows / ASD = turn and brake


Super Racing Go Go: MenuSuper Racing Go Go: Car SelectionSuper Racing Go Go: Gameplay Car RaceSuper Racing Go Go: Gameplay Car Crash

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