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3D Racing Games are car and motorcycle driving games where the player controls a vehicle in a three-dimensional environment. Computer games have come a long way since the days of Out Run and Pole Position. Which is no wonder, considering the speed at which these cars race along the roads. Silvergames.com has gathered the fastest and most mind-blowing 3D racing games since Daytona USA to wow you with their speed and realism.

Racing games have always been defined by successfully balancing the illusion of speed with playability. While it would be easy to simply let graphics fly by you at ridiculous speeds, successfully navigating around obstacles without crashing into people, cars or buildings would become increasingly difficult. But a slow-scrolling top-down enviroment isn't all the interesting. So luckily some intrepid developers found ways to simulate a three-dimensional environment for you to race through, street corners to drift around and ramps to pull off amazing stunts on. Or maybe even try your skill at multiplayer races when you pit your control over your wheeled vehicle against that of players all over the world.

Put on your safety belt - there's no reason not to cultivate healthy habits even in a virtual environment - and get ready to blast your way on and off road. Load up your turbo boost and let's see who will be first in these free 3D racing games. And don't worry, we won't hold you up with pesky downloads or registration. Enjoy playing the best free 3D racing games online here on Silvergames.com!

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