18 Wheeler Games

What are 18 Wheeler Games?

It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it. Transporting large amount of cargo across long stretches of highways has been a an important part of American driver culture. That's why these 18 Wheeler Games here at Silvergames.com are all about celebrating those long, large driving machines and their massive trailers that are hurtling along the asphalt.

18 Wheeler (also known as semi-trailer truck) is the name given to specific trucks that can pull large trailers behind them, usually stuffed with cargo ranging from barrels full of food, to oversized consumer goods or even heavy machine parts that need to reach a specific factory. Anything that needs to travel a long way by road, but is too big or due to its numbers to unwieldy to transport by car, can safely travel in an 18 Wheeler. Their drivers are so ubiquitous that their style of dress, CB radio and character type have long since become a recognisable archetype in American culture. These games let you slip behind the wheel of a large automobile (and you may find yourself in a beautiful house, too).

So put on your stylish trucker hat, call in for your buddies on the radio and listen to some soothing sounds as you drive down the highways with these 18 wheeler games. Stay on the lane, and you should be fine. Don't forget all these games are free, and can be played without downloads or registration.

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