Cargo Games

What are Cargo Games?

Cargo Games are fun transport, driving, construction and truck simulation games that make you carry heavy load and deliver it to another place. There is nothing in the world that is too heavy to be transported by a huge vehicle in our awesome collection of Cargo Games. Drive the biggest transporters, trucks and cranes in order to lift and move all kinds of cargo.

In general, freight in the transport industry is the term for goods that are transported by a carrier for a fee. The actual transport between loading and unloading is called freight. Within a country this process is called inland freight and internationally it is called sea freight. Here in our cool collection of the best cargo games you can transport your goods all over the world and earn money for it.

Use all kinds of ways to transport your cargo and drive over bridges, unsteady railings, across the sea or fly through the air in a huge plane. There are a lot of ways to transport huge goods and you can try them all in our great cargo games, online and for free on! Have fun with it!

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