Bear Games

What are Bear Games?

Bear Games are fantastic animal simulation games that are going to help you see the world from a whole new perspective! Are you smarter than the average bear? Find out right here! Whether it's Winnie the Pooh, Paddington or even Banjo - the animal-lovers here at went deep into the forest to bring you a collection of games to cuddle and delight.

Bears are fur-covered mammals that are known for their portly shape and their penchant for honey. At least in our popular consciousness bears are warm and likeable creatures, that live in caves and hibernate during the winter. These bear games let you have fun with this popular image of them, ranging from the cute little teddy bear to the adorable panda bear. Watch them waddle across the screen solving puzzles, riddles or even challenging dexterity tasks. And in a surprising change of pace, you might even go to war in some thrilling action games featuring friendly furries doing decidedly unfriendly things to their enemies.

So let out a growl of contentment and dive into our collection of cute and fun bear games. And since bears generally do not have pockets to carry cash around with them, or even know how to use a computer, these games are free and can be played without registration. Choose between Wild Hunter, Kick the Teddy Bear, Wild Animals Zoo Simulator and many more. Have fun!

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